Got Goat Milk?

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Last year we got two goats. These goats were not just for pets, they were to serve a purpose. Some members of the family can not tolerate cow’s milk or products made with cow’s milk, so our idea was to get goats and we would have goat’s milk. How hard could it be? We’d heard about goats, “they eat anything”. Well…don’t believe everything you  hear. We got Hannah, a Sannen goat, already pregnant. Sannen’s are supposed to be great milk producers. And we got a Nubian kid to keep her company. That way we would slowly build up to having two goats to milk, after all we didn’t want too much milk.

So six weeks later the Nubian kid died from worms, despite our valiant efforts to treat and save her. Very sad. What I said before about them not being just pets…well, we had grow attached to them already. But life goes on.

So we bought another kid to keep Hannah company. We got Lydia, a La Mancha. They’re the ones with the tiny ears. (We had a friend’s daughter ask why we cut her ears off.) 🙂 Lydia is a sweetie. Even though we missed the other kid, we are happy to have Lydia. And she’s quiet too. If anyone knows anything about Nubians, you’ll understand.

Hannah gives birth to two kids in February. (See picture above) Yay! We are one step closer to having fresh milk. A few days after the birth, we notice that the kids are only drinking from one side. Hmm…another problem. For some unknown reason no milk would come out of one teat. So we get on the internet and try to figure out what the problem is. After trying several things, including sticking a big needle into the teat…ouch…but Hannah was really good about it, we determined that there was something internal wrong, scar tissue or something. That’s just the way it was. So we are just milking her on one side. But even then she gives a pretty good amount of milk. Now about 7 months later we are getting over a quart a day.

It’s been an adventure so far, and the goats are entertaining. And best of all the fresh goat milk is delicious!


About Norma Downing

Christian romance author Norma Downing has been writing for years. She writes both contemporary and historical. She currently has a contract with CrossLink Publishing for her first novel, A Promise Made, set in Kansas in 1899.
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3 Responses to Got Goat Milk?

  1. athewriter says:

    Cool! Those kids are super cute! I want to hear more goat adventures! 😀

  2. Connie Ashfield says:

    That’s so neat! Do you have to do anything to the goat’s milk, for cleanliness? I know what it is to deal with milk/food allergies. My daughter (now 28) was allergic to cow’s milk, as a toddler. So goats milk was one of our options, but it was quite costly at the stores. Since we moved around a lot back then and could not have any animals, to try this. But I think it’s a great idea! Have you thought about trying your hand at making any goat-cheese? =)

    • No, I just use clean equipment (pail, strainer, and hands). And of course, I wash her teats with soap and water before milking. I do want to make goat cheese but right now we don’t have enough extra. We have two the two younger goats that we are hoping to breed this fall and then next spring we should have more milk.

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