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Attack of the Rooster

I was attacked by a rooster yesterday. But I wasn’t injured at all. Which is a good thing, especially for the rooster. 🙂 We had chickens years a few years ago. We ordered our chicks from a local nursery. Ten … Continue reading

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“True patriotism hates injustice in its own land more than anywhere else.” Clarence Darrow When I was a child I was very patriotic. I loved to sing the songs about our great country, like the “Star Spangled Banner.” I loved … Continue reading

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Mini Cooper

In case you didn’t know, I have a Mini Cooper. Oh, well…that might be slightly misleading. I should say I have a mini named Cooper. Still confused? I have a miniature horse named Cooper. There that is clear. I hope? … Continue reading

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Words of Encouragement

I don’t know about you, but for me the events in our country the last few years, months, and particularly days have been rather discouraging. I need to be reminded of Who is in control and find some encouragement. Here … Continue reading

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I was thinking about what to blog about today. Some recent events got me to thinking about how selfish we have become as a society and as individuals. I tried to find a quote about selfishness but I couldn’t find … Continue reading

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Where’s Mama?

Goats. Peculiar animals. They are very social animals, especially with each other. Hannah (our older Sannen goat) is the leader of the “herd”. Her followers are Lydia (our year old La Mancha) and Esther, Hannah’s daughter ( seven month old, … Continue reading

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Disappointment or Contentment?

I was thinking of naming this blog post Disappointment, but then I thought that maybe it should be called Contentment. Really the choice is up to the individual. Will you be disappointed or will you be content? We will all … Continue reading

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