Tennis Ball Head


I’ve said before that Lydia (our La Mancha goat) is a sweet little goat. We got her late fall last year and she was about six months old. She is friendly and affectionate (for a goat). She likes to be petted and she wags her tail when she is happy. She’s kind of like a dog. She has horns but she never intentionally uses them on people.  Hannah (our larger, hornless Sannen goat) bullies her, but she just takes it and never tries to fight back. She gets along well with Esther too. Esther is one of the kids that Hannah had in the spring.

In August some friends of ours were going on vacation and we offered to “goat-sit” their three adult does. Our only concern was how Hannah would react. We thought she would probably try to be dominant, and she would probably be a bully. Since she doesn’t have horns, we really didn’t think she would be much of a threat. Hannah didn’t seem to have much of a problem with the new goats, as long as they didn’t try to eat her food. (Don’t get in Hannah’s way when there is food around!) But much to our surprise, Lydia was very aggressive and ready to use her horns on the new goats, even though they were bigger than her. So Lydia got some tennis balls duct taped to her horns. What a sight! It made me LOL! 🙂

It just goes to show, those quiet sweet little goats can be mean and tough when they have to be.  And tennis balls and duct tape work great together.


About Norma Downing

Christian romance author Norma Downing has been writing for years. She writes both contemporary and historical. She currently has a contract with CrossLink Publishing for her first novel, A Promise Made, set in Kansas in 1899.
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One Response to Tennis Ball Head

  1. I told you you’d embarrass her! Haha! 🙂

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