Marriage–Til Death Us Do Part

Marriage has been on my mind a lot lately. Mostly because my husband and I recently celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary. Best 28 years of my life. 🙂

I have some strong opinions about marriage. First and foremost it is ONLY between one man and one woman. Why? Because that is the way God intended it, that’s the way He set it up, and He makes the rules! Okay, others may have their opinions, but it is just that–an opinion. And the government should just stay out of it.

I believe marriage is for life. I can’t understand or begin to fathom the thought processes of people in our society today. I hear of people saying, “If it doesn’t work out, we can always get a divorce.” Why get married in the first place? Unfortunately it is becoming the norm for people to live together before marriage, in some ways it almost seems expected. People look at young couples that don’t live together first and think they are odd.

People have forgotten what marriage is really about. It is a commitment between two people to love, honor, and respect each other. To put the other person’s welfare before your own. Til death do you part.

There is a problem. Selfishness. People want what they want. It’s fine and dandy when their spouse is doing everything the way they want and taking care of their needs, but once things start to get a little rough, they just give up. You hear things like, “They just didn’t understand me”, or “We just grew apart.” Well, yeah. Marriage is work! You have to stop thinking about yourself all the time and think about your spouse. But I’ll tell you, when you do that you are happier in the process.

It makes me sad to hear about the way people treat marriage lightly. It surprises me that it is a big deal when a couple decides to wait until they are married to be intimate. Isn’t that a little backward?

Okay, I admit, maybe I’m a little naive. I have been blessed with a wonderful husband, and a strong marriage. I know that things aren’t always simple, and like I said it takes work. Lest you think my marriage has been all smooth-sailing, I assure you we have had our difficulties, but we always confronted issues with the idea of “How can we work this out?” Never did we consider or ask ourselves, “Can we work this out, or do we need to call it quits?” Just like the character from the movie Apollo 13 said, “Failure is not an option.” So too in our marriage, “Divorce is not an option.”

Like Clint Black says in his song, “Something That We Do”, …love isn’t something that we’re in, it’s something that we do.



About Norma Downing

Christian romance author Norma Downing has been writing for years. She writes both contemporary and historical. She currently has a contract with CrossLink Publishing for her first novel, A Promise Made, set in Kansas in 1899.
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