No Ice Please

Like many around the country who have been living through this very wintry weather, we in Virginia have had our share. Though we have not had it as badly as others around the country, we have had two snow storms in the last two weeks and most of the days have had high temperatures below freezing.

With that said, my miniature horse Cooper has made it known that she does not appreciate the way her water has been lately. Apparently when the water in her bucket freezes overnight she becomes a little grumpy and tips the bucket over. When it is completely frozen it is not a big deal–no mess. When there is just a thin layer of ice on top she will tip it over and the ice breaks–mess. It soaks a good amount of the pine shaving which then have to be replaced (if they are not frozen).

I understand that she wants liquid water so that she can drink it. Yesterday when I went out to feed the animals in the morning her water was frozen. Which is to be expected when the temperature is 5 degrees. Her bucket was on its side. I thought she might be thirsty so I got the goats water bucket which had not completely frozen solid and gave it to her. She stuck her nose it and seeing it had ice in it she promptly lifted her little hoof and tipped it over.

This morning I took her bucket inside and thawed it out then filled it with slightly warm fresh water. I took it out and gave it to Cooper. She stuck her nose in and drank and drank, pausing occasionally to swish her lips in the water. She lifted her wet and dripping nose toward me as if to say “You finally got it right!” Finicky horse. 🙂


About Norma Downing

Christian romance author Norma Downing has been writing for years. She writes both contemporary and historical. She currently has a contract with CrossLink Publishing for her first novel, A Promise Made, set in Kansas in 1899.
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