More Animals Than I Could Imagine

When I was growing up I really liked animals. I mean REALLY liked animals. Probably not too many weeks went by when I wasn’t dreaming about owning some type of animal. Usually a horse, but I would have been very excited to have a cat or dog too. I didn’t just dream, I asked my mom for them too. But the answer was always the same: “No.” Oh there were reasons given, like my Dad was allergic to cats and dogs, and we didn’t have a place for a horse, but to my little kid ears these were not very good reasons.

I spent time around animals as much as I could. If my friends had animals, they were good friends. Just kidding. But I do remember one friend’s grandmother had Dalmatians and when they had puppies we spent several days just sitting and watching the puppies. Also a friend and I would sneak into someone’s pasture and barn just to be near the horses. We even got caught once and ended up jumping on the trampoline with the kid that lived there. We knew him and went to school with him so I guess he didn’t think it was a big deal that we were in his pasture. He probably thought we were pretty weird though.

I never did get a cat or dog when I was a kid. I did get gerbils, birds, and fish. But they just weren’t that exciting. Who would have thought that all these years later I would have SO MANY animals? Certainly not me. We have two dogs, a German shepherd and a doberman, five cats (really only one is mine, the others belong to my daughters), five rabbits (sometimes more when they have babies), five chickens, three goats, and a miniature horse! Yes, I finally got that horse I always wanted last year for my birthday (my husband is awesome, by the way).

I never would have believed if someone had told me that I would eventually have all these animals. If I had believed, I wouldn’t have wanted to wait. 🙂 I did have hope for a horse though when I was a child. When I was four years old my older brother was planning to go to school to become a doctor. I don’t recall the conversation (after all I was only four), but I remember the important part. He said when I was fourteen he would buy me a horse! I’m sure he didn’t think that I would remember that for ten years, but…I did. As my fourteenth birthday approached I guess I was mature enough to realize that I probably wasn’t going to get a horse, but I still had that tiny hope. After all he did promise. He got me a small statue of a horse. Actually he didn’t even buy it…his girlfriend had it and gave it to him to give to me. Oh well, I didn’t have the means to care for a horse when I was fourteen anyway. And it makes me appreciate my little horse even more now.

How’s that for a happy ending?


About Norma Downing

Christian romance author Norma Downing has been writing for years. She writes both contemporary and historical. She currently has a contract with CrossLink Publishing for her first novel, A Promise Made, set in Kansas in 1899.
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