Down on the Farm

I haven’t updated on mini-farm news lately, so here goes.

The chicks that were little are no longer little. They were put into the coop with the other hens a few weeks ago and seem to be adjusting well. No heads pecked to a nub, or any blood for that matter. I did a little research before introducing the new chickens, and it seems that there is truly a “pecking order” among chickens. But they seem to be getting along well, though there is still some segregation at the feeders.

The rabbits are doing well also. We had a little excitement with the new batch of babies that were born a little over two weeks ago. There was a hole in the bottom of the cage and babies kept falling out. I put wood over the hole and that helped until the mom (her name is Ziva after Ziva David on NCIS 🙂 ) moved the wood. Unfortunately two babies disappeared and I assume they were probably eaten by a snake or something. The five survivors are doing fine and are staying in the cage now. And they are at the cute stage. But don’t get too excited…we eat this rabbits. Yup…at 9 weeks they go into the freezer.

Goats. The goats are eating a lot as usual. Hannah is still giving a quart and a half of milk after 16 months of milking! And she is about to be a grandma! Her kid from last year, Esther is due to kid on the 16th of this month. She is really hiding her pregnancy well. She looks a little larger, but not much. I hope she really is pregnant…I’ll let you know. Lydia is due on the 29th of this month and she definitely looks bigger in the belly area. So, we should be having some little kids soon. Exciting times!

Cooper (mini-horse) is fat and happy. The vet said she is a little over weight and needs more exercise (don’t we all?). She is getting even less hay and is restricted on her pasture time. Poor little horse, she doesn’t seem to get much food. 🙂 She is finally loosing her winter coat and it is taking forever for her to shed it all. I could brush her for an hour and still have more hair falling out. The vet assistant said that mini’s have just as much hair as full sized horses, just in their compact body. I believe it!

It is starting to feel like summer around here. I have the garden planted and the pool is almost ready. It is nice to be able to go out and take care of the animals and work in the yard without having to bundle up. 🙂

Check back in a couple of weeks and hopefully I will have some baby goat pictures to share. Below is a picture of Esther as a kid.




About Norma Downing

Christian romance author Norma Downing has been writing for years. She writes both contemporary and historical. She currently has a contract with CrossLink Publishing for her first novel, A Promise Made, set in Kansas in 1899.
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