Change of Plans

Sometimes plans change. That is just a fact. Sometimes we change them and sometimes they are just changed without our input. We have all made plans to do something or go somewhere and had to change those plans because of illness or work, or just something came up that we had to take care of at that particular time.
But I believe things happen for a reason. Sometimes we never know the reason, or the why, but there is a reason.
I have had some plans that I made back in January. Many of you that read my blog know what they were. The culmination of those plans was to happen last month. I was anticipating and happily looking forward to things happening. I had no hint that these things were not going to come about. These things were going to mean more work for me, but I was still looking for them to happen.
But guess what? They didn’t happen. My goats were not pregnant and did not have kids in June as I had been planning and anticipating for five months. Was I upset? Yes, I have to admit I was upset and disappointed. In fact, I was quite annoyed for a few days. There was no indication that they were not pregnant (no more heat cycles). I realized a few weeks before the first one was due that she most likely was not pregnant. I did some research and came to the conclusion that we were not having any kids this year.
But you know what? It took me a few days (okay, maybe weeks), but it is okay. There is a reason that we weren’t supposed to have goats that would need to be milked everyday, kids that we would have to find homes for, and take care of for several weeks.
I am okay with the way things turned out. I ended up selling one of the does (Esther, for those of you who follow my blog and remember me talking about the goats). Hannah is still giving a quart and a half of milk a day, so we still have fresh milk. Two goats eat less than three. It’s all good.
I know that God is in control of even the little insignificant things, like whether we had baby goats or not. And it doesn’t do any good for me to be upset about things that I have no control over.
So, there is always next year to try again for baby goats, or maybe I will just sell all the animals and not have that responsibility and move on to new adventures. 🙂


About Norma Downing

Christian romance author Norma Downing has been writing for years. She writes both contemporary and historical. She currently has a contract with CrossLink Publishing for her first novel, A Promise Made, set in Kansas in 1899.
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  1. Hi Norma email me please. I’ve lost you address. Mary Ball

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